The Dead Deads

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These are the facts as we know them:


The Dead Deads are five mysterious women that form a band based in Nashville. They perform with X’s painted over their eyes and they show their sisterhood Ramones-style with stage names that all have the last name Dead.Their critically well received debut album, Rainbeau, was fittingly released on Halloween 2014 and their second album, the Page Hamilton-produced For Your Obliteration, is due out August 26.


The Dead Deads sound is hard to describe in words, but imagine a bumper car full of Ramones slamming into a bumper car full of Bangles leading to carnage, mayhem and a glorious and intoxicating sound tornado of twisted metal riffage and stunningly sweet shouted harmonies. The band’s lyrics cover territory we can all relate to: lost love, quick love, zombie love, aliens and making lemonade out of the painfully bitter lemons that life dishes out.


Since their debut two years ago The Dead Deads have opened for the likes of Halestorm, Motorhead (R.I.P. Lemmy) and Evanescence among others and are currently on tour with Chevelle and Bush on a trek that extends into the fall. Sunday night The Dead Deads opened for Bush and won over a tough Philly crowd at The Fillmore Philadelphia with a sweaty and passionate ten song set that included a few holdovers from their debut album and a slew of impressive new songs.


Impossibly tall bassist Daisy Dead manned stage left, delivering vicious low end and serious groove in unison with ever-smiling drummer Billy Dead who bounced on her stool while thunderously beating on her drum kit like Ronda Rousey pounding hopelessly overmatched UFC opponents circa 2012-2015. Hella Dead owned the right side of the stage, dishing out powerful harmonies and dark carnival sounding runs on the keys while staring deep into the souls of the crowd with her piercing eyes. Next to her lead guitarist Betty Dead headbanged non stop, her brown hair thrashing in front of her face as she churned out chugging locomotive riffs and a handful of solos that seemed to channel forces from beyond our solar system. At the center of the stage singer Meta Dead slashed away at her Fender Super-Sonic guitar while belting out powerful and commanding lead vocals and occasionally charging to the lip of the stage to get the crowd fired up and yelling and singing along.


The set included a frantic rumble through first album highlights “Lemonade” and a cosmic and Lovecraftian heavy “Nope” that shook the floor of the venue. The rest of the set consisted of new numbers from their forthcoming album, a brave decision from a band playing in front of an audience that might not be familiar with their work but one that paid off as the new songs were memorable. Highlights from the new material included “Blackout” and the first single from the album “Sympathy Sex” a twisted bedtime story that found Meta Dead quasi-rapping while the band raged and thundered behind her. The new songs really stood out, showing that The Dead Deads have focused and refined their sound without compromising the elements that make them unique - skull crushing riffs, swirling gorgeous harmonies and a joyous love of music that shines brightly through the dark subject matter of their tales.


P.S. - if you aren’t familiar with Page Hamilton/Helmet,  prepare for maximum headbanging to Unsung and then check out one of the most criminally overlooked albums from the all-star filled rock season of 1994 - Helmet’s Betty.)